Hannes Hovorka


B.Sc., University of Groningen, 2021, Prof. Dr. Martin Witte

M.Sc., University of Gronignen, 2022, Prof. Dr. Martin Witte

Hannes was born in 1998 in Emden, Germany. In 2017, he started studying chemistry at the University of Groningen, and, in 2022, he received his MSc in Chemistry. During his BSc and MSc, he worked with Professor Martin Witte on the development of fluorescent dyes for visualization of biomolecules. In 2022, he also worked as an intern at Symeres (Groningen, NL) on the enzymatic desymmetrisation of fatty acids. In November 2022, he joined the Pollice Research Group to work on data-driven high-troughput optimization of organocatalyzed reactions.